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In our Middle Eastern culture, we have a popular saying that motivates women to pursue their dream of finding love with their knight in shining armor. The saying goes, "The shortest way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Many women believe in this saying and consider it the key to success in their married life.
However, this saying is limited to my personal perspective, even though it encapsulates the value of the kitchen in bringing happiness. As a single mother of two girls, I have managed to remain passionate about cooking despite the absence of a man and his stomach.
The kitchen is a life of its own. Through it, you grasp the broader concept of happiness as you mix ingredients together to create beauty, like an artistic painting filled with colors and secrets. That's why every cook has their own secret that many aspire to uncover.
Since art runs in my veins in all its forms, and I graduated from the College of Fine Arts, I find the kitchen similar to a silent canvas that I color and bring to life.
I am Dena, a single mother of two girls: Zeina, who is the adornment of my life, and Shams, who is the very essence of light. Like many others, I have many dreams that have faced numerous challenging circumstances, some harsh and others fleeting. However, I have realized that dreams are not limited to a specific time for their fulfillment.
As long as the heart beats, we can dream, and as long as we breathe, we are capable of striving to achieve those dreams.
Therefore, I have decided to take the first step towards fulfilling a dream that resembles passion, which is presenting my own sweets that I promise you will not find anywhere else.
Through their taste and aroma, you will smile from your hearts before your faces because I love to see people smiling. Hence, the shortest way to your happiness will be through the sweets I create with love, patience, and music

My Products

Ingredients: Butter, Corn starch, Enzymes, Monodiglycerides, Nut meats (May contain cashews, almonds, pine nuts, pistachio nuts, walnuts), Salt, Soy bean oil, Sugar, Vegetable Gums, Water, Wheat flour.

Almond fingers 


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